The fascinating journey from grape to glass: explore the key stages of wine production!

Have you always wondered how wines are produced?

It can sometimes seem clumsy and lack culture to ask this question, although the majority of people do not know it, or have a wrong knowledge.

Red wine

Winemaking is a fascinating process that combines tradition, know-how and creativity. In this article, we will explore the different stages of production of red, white and rosé wines, highlighting the specific techniques used for each type of wine. From growing the grapes to bottling, let's discover together the secrets of the art of winemaking.


Ah, fermentation is a bit like a party in the world of wine! Imagine an evening where the sugars of the grapes dance happily with the yeasts to turn into alcohol. It's like a magic choreography that takes place in the fermentation tanks.

First, the grapes are harvested when ripe, ready to party. We remove the small stems, leaves and any other component other than the grapes, to keep only the bunches

We add the yeasts, these little creatures that love to party and feed on the sugars of the grape juice. They are like the DJs of the evening, mixing sugars to transform them into alcohol.

Of course, care must be taken to ensure that the temperature is right, not too hot, not too cold. Yeasts like to be in their comfort zone to perform at their best. Like us, we like to dance on a well-heated dance floor!

As the yeasts do their job, they release aromas, colors and even small tannins. It's as if they add spices and flavors to the wine festival. This is what gives wines their unique characteristics and delicious tastes.

The winemaker is there to oversee the party and make sure everything is going well. He takes samples regularly to taste and test the wine in the making. It's a bit like he was the conductor of this alcoholic symphony.

Red wine is like a person who had an amazing night of partying. He danced, sang and had fun like never before. But now it's the day after the party and red wine needs to recover from all the commotion.


Red wine wakes up with a little hangover. He is a little restless and needs to calm down. This is where aging comes in. Aging is like a red wine detox. It allows him to rest, relax and regain his balance.

During this period of rest, the red wine lets its flavors fully develop. It's as if he took the time to recharge his batteries and regain his vitality. It becomes softer, more harmonious and more delicious.

Aging red wine can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the style and personality of the wine. It's like red wine is taking a well-deserved vacation to recharge and prepare to make a splash when it's ready to be enjoyed.

So the next time you see a bottle of red wine in the middle of aging, think of this image of the day after the party. Red wine needs this resting time to sublimate and offer you an unforgettable taste experience when you taste it.

Remember, even the best party animal needs their recovery time, and red wine is no different!


Here are some examples of popular red wines, from well-known regions:

  • Cabernet-Sauvignon: California, Australia, France, etc.

  • Malbec: France, Argentina

  • Merlot: California, France, Chile, etc.

  • Pinot Noir: France, California, etc.

  • Zinfandel: California, South Africa

Let's change places and go to the kitchen.

White wine

Imagine that you are a starred chef preparing a special white wine recipe. You start with beautiful, ripe white grapes, like the stars of your dish. You pick them carefully and put them in a large pot.


Now it's magic time! You crush the raisins with your feet (yes, like at a real grape party!) to release their sweet juice (in our case, a pneumatic or cage press). This is the start of fermentation, where the little microbes start to do their job. They ate the sugars of the juice and the police of the alcohol, as if they were organizing a small party in your pot!

But be careful, you have to keep control of the party. You would emit the cool temperature to keep the microbes happy and not messing around. You don't want the party to get too hot and the flavors to get out of hand!

Once the fermentation is complete and the microbes have done their job, it's time to filter and clarify the wine. It's like passing wine through a sieve to remove unwanted small particles. You want your wine to be as clear and shiny as a diamond!


Now it's time for your white wine to rest and relax. You put it in large stainless steel tanks or tubs so it can rest for a few months. It's as if your wine includes a well-deserved vacation in a luxury hotel, where it can rest and develop quietly.

During this period of rest, your white wine refines and develops its delicious aromas. It's a bit as if your wine has taken part in yoga and meditation classes to relax and find its perfect balance. It becomes more and more salty and ready to be tasted by wine lovers!


Here are some examples of popular white wines, from renowned regions

  • Chardonnay: France, California, Australia, etc.

  • Pinot Gris: Italy, France, Oregon, etc.

  • Riesling: Germany, France, California, New York, Washington, etc.

  • Sauvignon Blanc: France, California, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

  • Viognier: France, United States


A moment at the beach, with the sun and a light wind to cool off.


Rosé winemaking is like lounging on a sunny beach. It all starts with harvesting grapes that are less ripe than for red wine, such as picking delicious juicy cherries. The grapes are then pressed to extract their soft, sweet juice, much like squeezing an orange to savor the refreshing juice. Grape juice is transparent, the skin gives color to the wine, so the skin and the pulp are removed from the juice during pressing to give it a light color.

Then it's fermentation time, which is a bit like tanning on the beach. The yeasts mix with the grape juice and transform the sugars into alcohol, creating this beautiful pink color. It's as if you tan under the sun and your skin takes on a golden hue.

After fermentation, the rosé wine is ready to be bottled and tasted. It's like sipping a fruity cocktail on the beach, with aromas of strawberries, raspberries and citrus that instantly transport you to a state of relaxation and bliss.


In summary, winemaking methods vary by region and winemaker.

Red wine is made from very ripe grapes, and its color is obtained from the skin of the grapes. Some grape varieties give darker hues than others.

As for white wine and rosé, they generally follow a similar winemaking process. The grapes are pressed to separate the skin from the juice.

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