Surain Family

We are a vineyard located in Saint-Gervais for the past 100 years.

Our mission is to produce high-performing wines that break the traditional norms at a fair price from the most renowned wine region in the world.

We aim to invigorate the wine industry, bringing the same love we have for our grapes and creating wines that everyone can appreciate.

We are moving forward to bring about change with dynamism, modernity, and a strong message:

Products Originality Price.

We love grapes because they are honest. They reflect the land, the soil, and the farmer - they taste the way they are treated.

That's why we don't use herbicides, and when we bottle our wine, we only bottle single varietals. It's good for the soil and creates amazing flavors in our wines. We take pride in the quality we produce.

It's a challenging industry with many changes, but with four generations of winemakers guiding us, we can proudly say that our wine is unparalleled.
But how do we differentiate ourselves from the rest? We do take care of the environment, yes. We focus on single varietals, yes. But what truly sets us apart is that we are a modern company. We are not bound by narrow-minded ideas. We create our own labels, and they are different, exciting, and fun - just like our wine!

Our modern philosophy doesn't work without flexibility. Tastes change, and different customers have different needs. Our quick thinking will help you create the wine you need and adapt production to your market. We are centrally located in the Bordeaux region, which means we have access to exceptional production and distribution infrastructure.

They support us

We collaborate with Mads Jensen from in Denmark, who provided us with the recipe for success. He has been helping us since day one. We won't be here today without him and his team.

What can we say about Luca Gardini, the first journalist to give us international visibility when we were unknown?

We work with partners who share the same ambitions: to bring about change and make wines more funky.

Are you a part of it?


  • Adrian

    Fourth-generation winemaker since 2018.
    Af first he thought rosé was produce by mixing white and red grapes.

  • Uncle Alain

    Third generation of winemaker.
    Retired since 2021, he is now enjoy is new journey by working every single on his house.

  • 90,000

    Bottle sold per year

  • 14

    Available countries