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They trust us

    Mads Jensen, the owner of and Novin, has been an unwavering supporter of our brand, even during times when no one else was willing to collaborate with us.

    Over the course of a decade, Mads and his exceptional team have risen from humble beginnings to establish themselves as one of the foremost importers in Denmark.

    Presently, Mads oversees the importation of approximately 50,000 bottles per year to Denmark. stands as a prominent leader in online wine sales, while Novin has emerged as a major wine supplier to supermarkets and B2B markets, thanks to their dedicated team comprising Troels, Lars, and Søren.

  • Meteri

    Raffaele Bonivento, the owner of Meteri from northern Italy, has played a pivotal role in showcasing our wines at some of the finest tables in the region.

    With the support of renowned wine expert Luca Gardini, Raffaele and his team have garnered outstanding ratings for our wines.

  • Vogel Vins

    Anne-Christine and her brother Vincent are the owners of Vogel Vins, our Swiss importer.

    They, along with their youthful team, bring a refreshing and enjoyable dynamic to our collaboration.

    We have been introduced through Yves Beck.

  • Kavod Korea

    Mathias, the owner of Kavod, has successfully established a strong presence in Korea, particularly through the importation of wines from small producers.

    Kavod has taken on the crucial role of promoting our brands and has effectively positioned our wines in top retail shops and restaurants across Seoul.

    Thanks to Mathias and his dedicated efforts, our wines have gained significant visibility and recognition in the Korean market.

  • Pivēne Singapore

    Jonathan and Julien, the founders of Pivene, have propelled their company to become one of the leading players in the Singaporean wine market.

    In just a few years, they have successfully built a strong brand and established partnerships with the best restaurants in the region.

    Notably, our wine, Popcorn 2018, has been selected and sold at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands, further cementing Pivene's reputation for offering exceptional wines to discerning customers.

  • Luca Gardini

    The best sommelier in the world in 2010 supported us by offering to taste our wines.

    To our surprise, Luca had a crush on our wines, and gave us several scores between 92 and 96 .

    He contributed greatly to our international reputation at a time when most journalists did not answer our emails to taste our wines.

    It's always a pleasure to have your impressions of our wines before bottling them.